All-on-4 Total Teeth Replacement in Cypress 

Losing your teeth can impact both your health and appearance. With the All-on-4 teeth replacement method, you can resume normal chewing functions and benefit from improved health and beauty. At Candid Smile Dentistry, we provide full smile restoration with All on 4 in Cypress.

If you need to replace missing teeth and would like to ensure your long-term health implant-supported bridges, contact Drs. Minh Luu and Vina Lu at Candid Smiles Dentistry today!

All on 4: A Solid Replacement for Your Original Teeth

Teeth are essential building blocks of your oral anatomy; the loss of even one can trigger a domino effect that ultimately compromises your health. While teeth replacement with dentures allows you to chew food, these prosthetics do not strengthen your jaw and tend to slide while speaking. 

For patients in need of a full dental makeover and replacements for an uncomfortable denture, the All-on-4 method provides a convenient treatment that utilizes only four implants per arch. These posts retain full arch bridges that are far more comfortable and secure than traditional appliances. All-on-4 is also designed to be a permanent solution, instead of one that will need to be constantly adjusted and religned. 

Treatment and Results with Full-Arch Bridges in Cypress

The All-on-4 treatment can be applied to both upper and lower arches. During your initial consultation, our dentists thoroughly examine the current state of your smile and determine your eligibility based on the strength of remaining tissue and your overall dental health. 

Drs. Minh Luu and Vina Lu work with a reliable local surgeon who places the dental implants to support your new smile. While your implants heal, you will be able to chew and function normally with temporary full arch prosthetic. Your new permanent teeth are fashioned from porcelain and designed to resemble natural teeth, allowing you to smile confidently without worrying about your dentures standing out.

The Benefits of Permanent Teeth

Whereas traditional dentures are limited in several ways, implant-supported bridges allow you to eat whatever you want and speak without worrying about your prosthetics affecting your speech. Dental implants reinforce your dental structure and prevent premature facial aging caused by bone loss. 

With a few as four implants and a permanent dental bridge in place, you can enjoy a healthy and confident smile once again.

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Drs. Minh Luu and Vina Lu are proud to provide patients with the All-on-4 treatment in Cypress. If you need an appointment for total teeth replacement, call us today to schedule a consultation!



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